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If you could read my mind right now... Talk about a conversation when what you said was not what you were thinking.

I told you I was going to bring her in now.

Of course I was lying through my teeth. I'm actually a little disappointed that you didn't send someone after me right away -- I thought you were better at this game than that. Wait, strike that. The thrill of the hunt, of course. I should have known...

There's no way in hell that I would ever turn my little girl over to you. I know what you people would do to her, and believe me, I will never allow to happen. It doesn't matter that she isn't my biological daughter; it doesn't matter that the Company handed her over to me to keep an eye on in the first place.

I know, now, that Claude's reference to 'vivisection' wasn't just figurative. I know you'd try to 'put her through her paces'; try to see how bad the damage would be before the regeneration stopped working.

You are never getting my Claire, you black-hearted bastard.

And I'd love to punch that smug grin of yours right off your face...

Muse: Noah "HRG" Bennet
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 178 per WordPerfect
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Write two letters: One to someone you hurt and the other to someone who hurt you.

Dearest Sandra )

Dear Claude )

Thompson )

Muse: Noah "HRG" Bennet
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 463 per WordPerfect
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OOC: I'm trying to talk myself out of putting Noah into TM. However, during the span of the day, I wrote his application post...

Which is the more exquisite sensation: revenge, relief, or vindication?

Maybe Thompson should have paid attention when he said he was comfortable with morally grey. Or maybe the man just thought he'd be able to keep him in line forever; keep having those pesky memories removed when he discovered things that might cause a... hiccup in their friendship.

Little things, usually, like what really happened to that Special they'd brought in. The one Thompson said had tried to attack him that he'd had to shoot out of self-defense. The one who tried to run in terror and ended up shot in the back in the nightmares that left him tangled in the sheets and grinding his teeth so hard he was sure he'd crack a molar if things went on like this.

And sometimes not so little things. The black eye Claude showed up with one morning, after supposedly spending a peaceful night at his own apartment. Or those times when he was positive he hadn't drunk that much but the next morning the gaps in his memory were too complete and the aches in his body were too hard to explain away with questions of 'Sure you're not getting too old for the hunt, Bennet?'

Maybe the Haitian had taken to simply blocking the memories instead of removing them. Exercising his own brand of revenge by allowing it to slowly break through. He was alarmed to see that just like some Hollywood movie, flashes and jump-cuts of images and sensations assaulted him in unguarded moments, at all times of the day, until finally he realized how badly he'd been used.

It wasn't hard at all to pull the trigger. Twice, just to make absolutely sure. And saving Parkman's life was only a side benefit to the way he felt as he watched Thompson collapse, brains scrambled to mush. His only regret was that to save Parkman he had to kill the man quickly, instead of as slowly as he deserved.
Muse: Noah "HRG" Bennet
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 322 per WordPerfect


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